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Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of dermatology and pathology. It focuses on the study of cutaneous diseases at a microscopic and molecular level. One of the challenges of dermatopathology is its scope. More than 1500 different skin disorders exist. Therefore, dermatopathologists must maintain a broad base of knowledge in clinical dermatology and be familiar with several other specialty areas in Medicine

Certification in dermatopathology requires the completion of a medical degree, followed by 3 years of residency training in dermatology and an additional 1 or 2 years of post-residency education in dermatopathology. North Valley Dermatology Center is proud to have our own board certified dermatopathologist, Dr. Stephen A. Vannucci, M.D. who completed his training in June 2000. We are the only dermatologist group in Chico that has our own in-house laboratory where our pathology is read by a dermatopathologist. This enables us to give accurate and faster results to our patients.

Dr. Vannucci Dermatopathologist
Stephen A. Vannucci, MD
Carl Histotechnologist
Carl Nituda
Carl looking at slide
Dr. Vannucci using a microsope

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